With the onset of a new millennium a thought that comes to mind, as far as education is concerned is, ‘where are we today?’ And where do we go from here’?

As part of the answer to these questions, a group of concerned people has established a school at Kohima. Apart from other factors, this place is ideal because of its climate, which is very pleasant indeed, with temperature hovering between 25°c and 5°c in summer and winter respectively. Naga children studying outside Nagaland seeking better education account for no less than a few thousands in number. A substantial amount of money is spent on a child each year, this excludes expenditure during Term visits. This is necessitated because of inadequate facilities in Nagaland. Children educated in this manner are alienated from their own people in more ways than one-familial bonds weaken, social detachment and passivity in their role in the church and in the society seem the inevitable outcome.

Northfield has been initiated to ensure that every facility is accessible to our people in our own land. This would also check the economic drain of our fragile resources, create job opportunities for our people and most of all, cater to our children’s needs. The school has changed its main objective of being Child Centered to Christ Centered School.